Blusher on a plate!

  • September 2018

APPETISER: New, a blusher to adorn your plates with!

An aesthetically pleasing dish reveals a lot about a Chef’s talent. These days, plates are like canvasses – a medium on which Chefs express their creativity.

Darégal offers Chefs a new palette of tasteful décors with these kits containing five culinary herb and plant powders. Created by three-starred Chef Christian Le Squer, Vegetable Powders make it easy to intuitively decorate dishes with colours that are pastel, indulgent and, above all, natural.



• Vegetable Powders: Designed by Top Chefs

Vegetable powders for plate decoration are usually confined to the most exclusive kitchens. They are complex to execute, and particularly difficult to store (vacuum-packing).

In light of this, Christian Le Squer and Darégal have developed a range of five vegetable powders that are built upon selected culinary herbs and plants with pastel colours and sweet flavours.




• Vegetable Powders: naturally chromatic and aromatic

There are five Vegetable Powders in this range – Parsley, Purple Basil, Shallot, Garlic, and Ginger & Butternut Squash – which provides Chefs with a new palette of light colours and sophisticated flavours.

Composed mainly of culinary herbs and plants, they contain no additives or preservatives, are ready-to-use and are 100% natural!

Presented in a squeezy bottle with filtered tip, these powders are easy to use.




• Vegetable Powders: Guaranteed to express your creativity!

Each presentation box contains five Vegetable Powders together with a set of six stencils that are intended to enhance and facilitate their use by Chefs.

Stencilled, sprinkled or as used coating, these Vegetable Powders give free rein to a Chef’s creativity. They can be eaten in dips or directly sprinkled over dishes for added texture for the eyes and the palate.




• Vegetable Powders: diverse pastel colours and sweet flavours for exquisitely presented dishes

Shallot Vegetable Powder:
Pastel pink in colour, its pleasant sweet flavour is paired with slightly sulphuric notes.
Enhances red meats, fish and green vegetables.

Parsley Vegetable Powder:
This powder, meadow-green in colour, has herbaceous and hazelnut notes.
>Brings out the flavours of red meats, poultry and vegetables.

Garlic Vegetable Powder:
With its champagne colour, this powder reveals spicy, round and lightly toasted notes.
Pairs well with lamb, potatoes and mushrooms.

Purple Basil Vegetable Powder:
Dark purple in colour, it evokes notes of white flowers and clove.
> Brings together pasta, white meat and summer vegetables.

Ginger & Butternut Squash Vegetable Powder:
Orangey-yellow in colour, it has a good balance between the sweet taste of butternut squash and the fiery heat of ginger.
Great with poultry, vegetables and white fish.


Practical tips

– Box of five Vegetable Powder bottles, fitted with a filtered tip
– Comes with a set of six stencils
– Store in a cool, dry place.
– Best Before: 18 months in original, unopened packaging.


• Tasteful Décors inspired by Vegetable Powders
from Chef Christian Le Squer


This new range of Culinary Herb Vegetable Powders complements Darégal’s existing palette of tasteful décors that was first introduced with the Cool’Eaze Culinary Herb Coulis range.



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