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This new range of sauces brings together sweet, savoury, spicy and fresh notes from all around the world for a great eating experience. Inspired from exotic places, our squeezes are made from our own IQF aromatic plants combined with natural ingredients that were selected for their quality taste. They are ready to use and restaurant chefs will love the unique yet economical touch they bring to their cooking.



Culinary Innovation

  • Your customers want varied and exotic flavours
  • Fresh, delightful and food safety certified

Easy to use

  • Cooking made quick and easy
  • Ready to use, once defrosted
  • Storage: up to 2 years in the freezer and 2 weeks in the fridge, once defrosted
  • Available in a resealable 450g soft bottle with easy to pour nozzle

Cost effective

  • Better profitability due to a cost and portion size under control
  • Available all year round



Sauces can be used for sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, wraps, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, poultry, fish, …



  • Piazza San Marco: Basil & Cheese
  • Casablanca: Coriander & Cumin
  • Covent Garden: Lemon & Thyme
  • Argentine Tango: Coriander & Chilli
  • Rio Grande: Coriander & Smoked Chilli
  • Copacabana: Coriander & Pineapple
  • The Grand Palace: Coriander & Lemongrass


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