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  • The Great Vintages Basil - squeeze premium by Darégal

Darégal’s experts looked back into the origins of basil and discovered over 125 different varieties. Out of those, the top 5 were selected. Subtle and sophisticated aromatic values are the key words for this Great Vintage Basil Collection.

Discover a wide spectrum of intense colours, and rich, sophisticated and sleek flavours with our new range of 5 sauces and pesto, the Great Vintage Basil Collection. Your guests will love these great new eating experiences with unique and varied touches.



Culinary Innovation

  • Flavours are unique, varied and natural
  • With fresh and delicious tastes, these sauces are made from a selection of varieties of basil high in essential oil


  • Cooking made quick and easy
  • Ready to use, once defrosted
  • Storage: up to 2 years in the freezer and 2 weeks in the fridge, once defrosted
  • Available in a resealable 450g soft bottle with easy to pour nozzle


  • Better profitability due to a cost and portion size under control
  • Available all year round



Sauces and pesto from the Great Vintage Basil Collection can be used in many different ways: sandwiches, toasts, salads, bagels or pasta.



  • The Great Vintage Aniseed Basil Pesto blend together fresh sweet Mint to the elegance of Greek Feta cheese
  • The Great Vintage Thai Basil Pesto combines delicate lemongrass with tasty Italian cheese
  • The Great Vintage Genovese Basil Pesto mix tomato to the subtle taste of Italian cheese
  • The Great Vintage Lemon Basil Pesto combines delicious pine nuts with Italian cheese
  • The Great Vintage Purple Basil Sauce and its duo of intense Mustards


Gamme Les Grands Crus Basilic - squeeze premium par Darégal

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