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Perfect harmony between French traditional cooking and modern flavours.

Darégal’s culinary experts have designed a range of modern sauces to enhance the most sophisticated and traditional ingredients that French cuisine has to offer: Foie Gras, Duck breast, Veal, Lobster, Scallops and Fish.

Your guests will escape to new culinary horizons with these new flavours, which taste like they have come straight from top chefs’ kitchens. On the menu: culinary herbs and exceptional ingredients brought together for sweet or savoury dishes, with exotic tastes and unique combinations of flavours.



Culinary Innovation

  • Your customers want varied and natural flavours
  • Fresh, delightful and food safety certified


  • Cooking made quick and easy
  • Ready to use, once defrosted
  • Storage: up to 2 years in the freezer and 2 weeks in the fridge, once defrosted
  • Available in a resealable 450g soft bottle with easy to pour nozzle


  • Better profitability due to a cost and portion size under control
  • Available all year round



These sauces can be used in many different ways: sandwiches, canapés, toasts, salads, bagels or pasta.



  • La Georges V: The mango chutney highlights the sophisticated flavours of foie gras and duck breast
  • L’Avenue Montaigne:  Amazing match between grilled yellow pepper and mixed herbs to bring your cheese platter to life
  • La Place Vendôme: The blend of Tarragon and Grapefruit to delicately complement lobster and fish dishes
  • La Champs Elysées: Beautiful harmony of chanterelle and orange to enhance the delicate tastes of veal
  • La Saint Germain: Great combination of Lemon and Vanilla to subtly spice up the taste of scllaops

Les Sauces Festives en Squeeze Premium par Darégal

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