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Forget boring old sauces. Darégal’s team of culinary experts are taking you on a journey to new urban and cosmopolitan recipes, perfect for your snack time.

They have revived well-known traditional sauces into iconic snacking recipes from 5 different countries: France, England, USA, Vietnam and India.



Culinary Innovation

  • Flavours are unique, varied and natural
  • Inspired by the current trend that is Street Food, our sauces are 100% natural and made from our powerful culinary herbs


  • Cooking made quick and easy
  • Ready to use, once defrosted
  • Storage: up to 2 years in the freezer and 2 weeks in the fridge, once defrosted
  • Available in a resealable 450g soft bottle with easy to pour nozzle


  • Better profitability due to a cost and portion size under control
  • Available all year round.



SQUEEZE PREMIUM – URBAN TRUCK can be used hot or cold to enhance any type of food such as sandwiches, salads, pasta and pizzas.



  • The English Club Sandwich sauce
    Combines fresh tarragon and parsley, with sweet hints of shallot. A drop of vinegar will bring it all to life.
    Our + recipe: delicious in a fish burger.
  • The USA Bagel Sauce
    Blends smoked chilli with slightly sweet tomatoes. A touch of honey will give it a mellow finish.
    Our + recipe: ideal with tortellinis, avocado, rocket and hazelnuts.
  • The Viet Banhmi sauce
    Binds lemongrass and ginger for a fresh kick whilst coriander and chilli will give it an interesting finish.
    Our + recipe: great in a salad and sliced chicken sandwich.
  • The Indian Naan Sauce
    Mixes warm and spicy flavours of cumin to fresh notes of coriander. A touch of onion will add a sweet finish.
    Our + recipe: delicious in a lentil, bacon and cherry tomato salad.
  • The French Burger Sauce
    A very subtle combination of chives, thyme and onion on a base of balsamic vinegar.
    Our + recipe: perfect in a rustic burger with Fourme d’Ambert cheese.

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