Darégal engages with its local partners:

The National Conservatory Plants Fragrant, Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial
Discover the world of herbs in Milly-la-Forêt, cradle of culture herbs where more than a thousand species are lovingly preserved and cultivated.
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The market herbalist Milly-la-Forêt
For over 100 years, Milly-la-Forêt in June became the pole of attraction for culinary herbs. Rarity, diversity and gastronomie mix to the delight of thousands of gourmets visitors who come each year.
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Darégal engages with local associations:

Pays de Bière Judo Club
This judo club is heavily is hoping to offer classes suitable for the disabled: training a teacher, disabled sporting events and more.
Darégal will help to buy equipment or for financial support of the activity.
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CEV – Vitré Fair Trade
This charity is located in south-east Senegal, for the village of Thiokethian. It has an international focus in two directions: promoting fair trade and supporting development aid projects.
The charity’s project to build a health centre has been up and running for several months but work is still in progress.
Darégal’s support means that construction can be finished.
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Alliance Dravet Syndrome
Association of parents whose children are carrying the Dravet Syndrome (neurological disease resulting in drug-resistant seizures and accompanied retarded psychomotor and cognitive development).
The purpose of the association is to promote the disease by health professionals, support families and prepare for the future of our children.
Supported by its CEO, Charles Darbonne, the company Darégal was sensitive to our cause and decided to support it.
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Rebondir au-delà de ses rêves !
This association based in Vaux-le-Pénil (77) helps seriously ill children by giving them the opportunity to realize their dreams.
A structure with a zoo receive sick children for days of leisure.
The company Darégal is sensitive to the cause of these sick children and decided to support this association.
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PYB Handi Racing
This association promotes access for handicapped people in the middle of motorsports .
Program : organization of trips and training lesson for driving adapted vehicles. In addition, the creation of a prototype vehicle adapted to participate to the famous “24 hours du Mans”.
The company Darégal is sensitive to the cause of these passionate and decided to support this association.
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Association of School Alonso Aguilar
This Andalusian Association supports projects to improve the means available for the learning of handicapped children .
The company Darégal is sensitive to the cause of these children and decided to support this association.

Sidi Bouhira Cultural Association (Morocco)
The association is involved in humanitarian relief projects for Sidi Bouhira, in the Moroccan province of Berkane.
The charity recently purchased an ambulance to link the village to nearby hospitals. However, the funding for the vehicle remained an issue for the association, until that is, Darégal got wind of it and decided to help by financing the transport of the ambulance to the village.
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