Boost your Innovations at the Taste Pépinière 2018 by Darégal!

  • June 2018

Following current trends and consumer expectations, Darégal continuously seeks to explore new varieties of exceptional Culinary Herbs.

This year, the Taste Pépinière 2018 by Darégal has reinvented itself once again in Milly-la-Forêt, the hub of the Culinary Herb world.

A complete immersion into the visual, olfactory and gustatory wealth of our Culinary Herbs, this unique research centre shows once again the full extent of our 100% natural varieties.

Our dedicated Culinary Herb panel of expertise, the Darégal Herb Sommeliers, will be thrilled to present all of our new varieties and to accompany you in the search for new inspiration. Come and try our latest additions, freshly picked or incorporated in our latest recipes, within our ‘testing kitchen’.


For this 5th edition of La Taste Pépinière 2018 by Darégal, you’ll discover our latest culinary herb collection, the Coriander Collection  with its 4 varieties of one of the most popular culinary herbs in the world.

We’ll also introduce you to our most surprising new varieties including the Cheese Plant, a rare herb from Asia!

Those with a sweeter tooth will enjoy Spanish Lavender with its fragrant notes which will sublimate your desserts such as crèmes brûlées, biscuits and jams as well as Black Sage with its fruity cassis flavour and edible flowers which will bring new notes to all your dishes!


As well as the Darégal Taste Pépinière, you’re invited to discover our brand new Exotic Pépinière, a space dedicated to our varieties from Across the World. Amongst others, you’ll find Combawa with its intense notes which sublimate dishes and sauces, Curcuma which is a must-have ingredient in Indian and Asian cuisine as well as Galangal with its lightly spicy notes. Come and try our Chilli Collection with 5 varieties of Chilli ranging from the most gentle to the most spicy on the Scoville scale. You’ll have the chance to try all the best-sellers of our latest collections including Chilli, Basil and Mint by Darégal.


Composed of a wide range of new flavours, the Taste Pépinière 2018 by Darégal will naturally boost your creativity with new gustatory, visual and olfactory inspiration.

In a unique setting, at the heart of this enchanted garden our « Chez La Serre » meeting room is available for you to exchange, create and innovate with our Culinary Experts.