Darégal and Carrefour team up in aid of urban farming

  • June 2017

Carrefour is to open its first vegetable patch/garden on the roof of its Villiers-en-Bière (south Paris) store car park, another step towards their commitment for an affluent and diversified ecosystem (inspired by agro ecology).

More than 100 varieties of fruit, vegetables and culinary herbs will blossom over 1,200m², set amongst birdhouses and insect hotels, thereby providing a conducive environment to biodiversity. Shoppers and children will be able to visit and discover taste diversity through a variety of sustainable cultivation methods.

Carrefour called on Darégal, world leader in culinary herbs for over 130 years, to team up on this exciting project. Amongst strawberries and salads, several varieties of every day culinary herbs can be found, such as chives, parsley or sage, but also more unusual types such as ginger mint or basil from Marseilles.

Happy visit and enjoy!