Natural, Tasty and Organic

  • April 2017

Today, more and more consumers are turning towards organic products, many of whom now purchase these regularly. This trend can be explained by the ever-growing importance of the preservation of the environment when making purchase decisions. Consumers find that organic options meet their growing demands for a lasting agricultural future based on the respect of the environment.

Sensible farming has been Darégal’s priority for five generations. Our organic varieties are grown within their natural environment without fertilizers or pesticides.


As well as the growing shift towards organic ingredients, recycling is becoming an increasing priority to protect the planet and reduce waste.

Conscious of this problematic, Darégal has revisited its packaging to create the EcoBox which is 100% cardboard and therefore 100% recyclable. This new packaging has been developed specifically for ease of use whilst preserving the full freshness of our culinary herbs.

The new EcoBox has a resealable flap which is easy to open and maintains the optimum quality of the culinary herbs.


The Darégal organic range includes:

  • Organic Basil
  • Organic Chives
  • Organic Parsley
  • Organic Shallots
  • Organic Garlic

Our culinary experts are always happy to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch.