Vraiment* 100% Natural culinary solutions!

  • December 2016

BEAUTIFUL & TASTY & HEALTHY is the equation driving any food industry professional working on the creation of sauces for the catering market.

To meet consumers’ diversity and innovative expectations, Darégal’s culinary experts have developed Vraiment* Exceptional, Vraiment* Traditional or Vraiment* Audacious recipes. This is how the Vraiment* SAVOUR’EAZE range transcends whoever tastes it.

The range of Vraiment* SAVOUR’EAZE have a Vraiment* Smooth Texture with True Ingredients, easily identified through both visual and gustatory senses.

Ready-to-use, they are incorporated hot or cold as a final touch. With their beautiful ingredients, these culinary aids are Vraiment* rich in flavours and offer a True symphony of tastes.



Vraiment* SAVOUR’EAZE, the final touch to enhance flavours in all your dishes.

  • Vraiment* Thai: ginger & lemongrass
  • Vraiment* Pesto: basil & cheese
  • Vraiment* Provençale: rosemary & thyme
  • Vraiment* Italian: basil & sundried tomato
  • Vraiment* Chimichurri: smoked chilli & coriander
  • Vraiment* Oriental: coriander & spearminte

* Truly



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