The LSA 2016 Award for the ULTI Darégal Juice Range

  • December 2016

Just weeks after receiving the prestigious Grand Prix SIAL Innovation 2016, the ULTI Daregal duo have done it again with an award from the LSA jury of experts who chose to reward the range of fruit and herb juices in this year’s non-alcoholic drinks category.

A jury of 40 top industry professionals and experts in their domains selected 46 products, concepts, solutions or personalities within the 10 categories established.

The union between ULTI and Darégal brings the delicacy of sun-rich fruits and the subtlety of field grown culinary herbs, harvested at full maturity.

Come and discover the full range at our stand during the SIRHA (International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition) in Lyon from the 21st to the 25th of January 2017.


GERY jean philippe de DAREGAL et Marianne GRILLIER de ULTI

Marianne GRILLIER (ULTI) and Jean-Philippe GERY (Darégal)