• Des Herbes Aromatiques Surgelées à portée de main toute l’année

Frozen culinary herbs available all year long

  • December 2016

Congratulations to the France 5 film team for their wonderful documentary « 18 generations of farming, the Darbonne saga looks set to last!».

The great story of culinary herbs starts from deep within the ground: “1,000 hectares of fields are cultivated for Darégal near Milly-la-Forêt”.

In front of the camera, Charles shares the story and innovations surrounding Darégal’s culinary herbs: from his great-great-grand father’s dryer to the current production facility where our renowned “little boxes” of culinary herbs are packaged.

The Darégal teams aim to innovate whilst emphasising on taste and creating new varieties.

Don’t forget to add culinary herbs “for a greater diversity in all your dishes”!


Watch the video and happy viewing!