Turn the heat up with the Chilli Collection by Darégal

  • June 2017

Following in the footsteps of the Mint Collection and the Basil Collection, Darégal is happy to present its new 2017 collection: Chillies! Temperatures will soon be soaring!

Following 2 years of research into the different varieties of chillies, our Herb Sommeliers have selected 32 types and shortlisted the 5 with the best colours, shapes and flavours.   The selection ranges from the mildest to the hottest according to the Scoville scale which measures the heat of each chilli based on its content in capsaicin!

Constantly seeking authenticity, our Herb Sommeliers have solely focused on Chillies from Mexico, the birthplace of many different varities which are now grown around the world.

These varieties were tested in our Taste Pépinière as well as in some of our different culinary solutions such as Cool’eaze Chilli Ginger (coulis), Squeeze Great Vintage Chillies (sauces) and Flavour’eaze Chilli (infused oil) before being transferred to a larger scale production.

The Chillies shortlisted for the Chilli Collection by Darégal have now been planted in Spain and are currently ripening under the Andalusian sun before being handpicked in the summer. Come and discover first hand these different varieties during your visit of the 2017 Taste Pépinière.

With subtle notes of cucumber, pear and even grenadine, our 2017 collection promises to be high in flavour and heat!

Watch this space and be sure to head back after the summer for updates on the Chilli Collection by Darégal.


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