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  • January 2019

This year again, our Innovation Card was further enriched with a SIRHA Grand Prix awarded to the Cub’Eaze range of herbs cubes.
Preview the SIRHA 2019 Menu by Darégal:




“Homemade” Juices and Smoothies are now part and parcel of fast food menus. These recipes combining Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Herbs, etc. are bursting with originality and health benefits. Available as frozen portions, ORGANIC CUB’EAZE Parsley, Basil and Mint will add a Green Finishing Touch. 100% natural, without flavourings, colourings or preservatives, they guarantee a taste that is intensely TRUE and FRESH.

Come get your greens in a glass!



Soy Sauce Coulis with Culinary Plants > Already winner of the SIAL Innovation Award

Classic Soy Sauce, reinvented: new texture and new flavours for new applications. Created in collaboration with starred Chef Kunihisa Goto, this range comprises five Soy Sauce Coulis with Culinary Plants.

As a coulis, this condiment adds diverse tastes in addition to its decorative function on the plate.

Try your hand at dressing a plate!



Les Infusées > Already winner of the SIAL Innovation Award

Created in collaboration with three-starred Chef Christian Le Squer, this range comprises five oils that are infused with herbs. The technology behind their manufacture involves gently infusing the herbs in grapeseed oil, which ensures that The Infusions keep all of the herbal richness of the fresh plant. They add the Top Note to your cooking for an amazingly fresh result.

Dive right into the grower’s field!



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Come try new recipes that are bursting with flavour and are sure to add value and distinction.

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