A Look Back on the Taste Pépinière 2016

  • June 2017

As we prepare for the opening of the Taste Pépinière 2017, here’s a look back over the highlights from 2016. Over the 5-month period, Darégal worked hand in hand with nature:


45 varieties were discovered:

  • 20 varieties for our collections (Basil, Mint, Chilli)
  • 4 wild herbs
  • 13 exotic varieties
  • 8 culinary herbs for infusion

You tasted them, enjoyed them and rated them!


Here are the Top Varieties from the Taste Pépinière 2016 by Darégal:

  • Nasturtium, a small, edible flower with subtle notes of cucumber and pepper.
  • Verbena, highly appreciated for its light citrus notes, it’s a classic for infusions!
  • Lemon Basil will delight your taste buds with its refreshing citrus flavours and subtle green, fruity notes.
  • Enjoy the refreshing flavours of Peppermint with its delicate notes of eucalyptus and pine sap.
  • And lastly Tulbaghia, a bulbous plant which is very slightly spicy with its surprising notes of garlic.


More than 200 visitors were delighted in 2016 and this year once more, the Darégal’s Herb Sommeliers will introduce you to the secrets and the magic of Culinary Herbs within the Taste Pépinière 2017 by Darégal.

Set in the heart of the Taste Pépinière 2017 by Darégal, “Chez La Serre” combines a meeting area and a testing kitchen which is entirely dedicated and available to testing and sharing those new culinary herbs in your cooking.

The Taste Pépinière 2017 by Darégal is a 45-minute drive from Paris and from Orly Airport (A6 Motorway, junction 13).

Enjoy a breath of fresh air whilst boosting your innovations.

Don’t miss out on the 4th edition of the Taste Pépinière 2017 by Darégal and book your visit now!