Calendar of Darégal Exhibitions

  • February 2017

The members of Team Darégal are at your service throughout the year.

An overview of all our exhibition dates for 2017 where we look forward to seeing you:

• January

FEEF on the 17/1/17 – Paris (France)
SIRHA from the 21/1/17 to the 25/1/17 – Lyon (France)

• February

FOOD from the 07/2/17 to the 09/2/17 – Oslo (Norway)
GULFOOD from the 26/2/17 to the 02/3/17 – Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
TRANSGOURMET ALLEMAGNE from the 28/2/17 to the 01/3/17 – Berlin (Germany)

• March

CFIA  from the 07/3/17 to the 09/3/17 – Rennes (France)
SANDWICH & SNACK SHOW from the 15/3/17 to the 16/3/17 – Paris (France)
FIC (FOOD INGREDIENT CHINA) from the 23/3/17 to the 25/3/17 – Shanghai (China)

FOOD FIRST on the 25/3/17 – Auckland (New-Zealand)
HOTELEX from the 28/3/17 to the 31/3/17 – Shanghai (China)
TRANSGOURMET ALLEMAGNE on the 30/3/17 – Hamburg (Germany)

• April

FHI from the 05/4/17 to the 08/4/17 – Jakarta (Indonesia)

• May

TUTO FOOD from the 08/5/17 to the 11/5/17 – Milan (Italy)
BAKERY CHINA from the 10/5/17 to the 13/5/17 – Shanghai (China)
PLMA from the 16/5/17 to the 17/5/17 – Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

• September

TRANSGOURMET ALLEMAGNE from the 19/9/17 to the 20/9/17 – Augsburg (Germany)
FIA BANGKOK from the 13/9/17 to the 15/9/17 – Bangkok (Thailand)

• November

FHC from the 14/11/17 to the 16/11/17 – Shanghai (China)
FIE from the 28/11/17 to the 30/11/17 – Frankfurt (Germany)
TRANSGOURMET ALLEMAGNE on the 29/11/17 – Dusseldorf (Germany)


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