Culinary Herb Crayons de Coulis

  • May 2018

The first range of culinary herb coulis is the result of a fruitful encounter between a three starred Michelin Chef, Christian Le Squer and Darégal, world leader in culinary herbs.

In a convenient bottle with a precision tip, it’s easy to use the Crayons de Coulis. They give free rein to your culinary and artistic creativity adding an exquisite touch to dishes which will impress consumers and their guests. True chromatic and aromatic crayons, these culinary herb coulis will allow you to dress your plates like the great Chefs! Discover our best Crayonnés Festifs : flavoursome arabesques, gourmet dotted lines, gentle zigzags, explosive swirls and other details which will let your imagination run free!

En attente visuel 14/05

The Crayons de Coulis range draws its inspiration from nature’s strengths and wealth of flavours. Inspired by the elegance of Daregal’s culinary herbs, cultivated in open fields and harvested at optimum maturity, Chef Christian Le Squer selected the very best ingredients and revealed their full notes by balancing the contrasts and intensity of each flavour.

Comprising four colourful and flavour some recipes:

• Basil Coulis: This rich green coulis highlights the fresh, floral and sunny notes of Basil.

• Beetroot and Ginger Coulis: This beautiful deep purple coulis reveals the sweet notes of Beetroot associated with the sharp notes of Ginger.

• Yellow Pepper and Lemon Thyme Coulis: This sunny yellow coulis blends the fresh and delicate notes of Lemon Thyme with the sweetness of Yellow Pepper.

• Red Pepper and Rosemary Coulis: This intense orange coulis blends notes of rosemary with the sweet flavours of red pepper.

En attente visuel 14/05

Use Crayons de Coulis in your everyday recipes as an intense dipping sauce, combined in a refreshing vinaigrette or to add a layer of colour in verrines. This range of 4 coulis will sublimate meat dishes, fish recipes or even vegetables and allow for a diversity of flavours which answers to consumers’ request for new culinary experiences.

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Our culinary advisors are available to discuss the Crayons de Coulis range with you in more detail.  Contact us for more information.