Iconic Packaging Adapted for All

  • May 2018

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Who doesn’t recognize the famous “Lil’ Boxes” of frozen culinary herbs?

Created in 1988 with its sprinkling dispenser cap, the Box ‘Salière has become, over time, the iconic packaging of frozen culinary herbs.

Established in France for 30 years, these “Lil’ Boxes” have crossed the borders and are now sold all over the world. They’ve had to adapt to the different modes of consumption and the technical evolution of product packaging.

Many evolutions have accompanied the success of the Box’Salière. Its dosing cap has been regularly optimized: a compromise between material gain and ease of use.

In 2011, Darégal created the Box’Rev. Inspired by the technology of milk cartons, this new “Lil’ Box” increased the accuracy of sprinkling with an adjustable opening cap. The choice of a multilayer cardboard also guaranteed the optimum conservation of the culinary herbs.

Always looking for an eco-designed packaging, Darégal created the Eco’Box in 2014. Without a plastic cap and 100% cardboard, this new “Lil’ Box” offers a sprinkling system with a clever design of cutting and folding the cardboard case. All of our organic varieties are now marketed in these Eco’Box packagings.

The latest is the Flip’Box. Without a cap and 100% cardboard, its wide opening system makes it possible to dose your culinary herbs with a spoon. It responds to a demand from consumers in Northern Europe where culinary herbs are dosed on the basis of the capacity of a teaspoon.

Finally, in response to the “Family” consumption, Darégal offers a wide range of easily resealable bags with zips. Complexed on an aluminum or plastic base, these bags can contain from 75 grams to 250 grams of frozen culinary herbs.

Today, Darégal offers a wide range of packaging combined with more than 45 varieties of culinary herbs. The company now responds to all requests for international collaboration.