The Peppermint

  • September 2016

Milly Mint

The first signs of this Mint emerged in the 12th century in England. In the 20th century, Amand Darbonne brings it back to Milly-la-Forêt whilst on his travels, resulting in the renown Milly Peppermint as we know it today.


Iced sensation

This is an extremely refreshing Mint, creating tingling waves on the tongue. Combined with eucalyptus hints, it has earned the name Peppermint. During the tasting session, Herbs Sommeliers have noticed the presence of the distinctive notes of pine resin.



Ginger, the alter ego of Peppermint:

A dissonant blend of freshness and spice! The intensity of Ginger is enhanced by the fresh tones of Peppermint, offering a good length on the palate.


Tasty combinations:

  • Honey infused with Peppermint
  • Peppermint raspberry coulis
  • Fresh goat’s cheese verrines with Peppermint
  • Roast leg of lamb dressed with Peppermint Paloise sauce
  • Peppermint candy Granny apple
  • Chicken strips and their anise and Peppermint yoghurt
  • Peppermint candied lemon zest
  • Cucumber balls with Peppermint Feta
  • Fennel and Peppermint infusion
  • Strawberry soup with Peppermint


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