The Spearmint

  • September 2016

Moroccan Mint

In North Africa, specifically in Morocco, Mint is known as Nanah and epitomizes hospitality and conviviality. A glass of Mint tea is traditionally served to passing travellers. It can also be found finely chopped with a pinch of cinnamon on orange salads.


Fresh sensation

Caraway dominates the flavour palette, before letting the resinous notes of pine needles or sap & green notes reminiscent of cut grass burst. Low-key hints of white flowers can also be noticed. The fresh sensation is moderate and short lived. A slightly pungent taste can be felt on the palate.



Lemon Basil, the alter ego of Spearmint:

Spearmint awakens the fresh taste of Lemon Basil to create a sublime dressing for summer tabboulehs.


Tasty combinations:

  • Spearmint fricassee of green peas
  • Lemon Basil and Spearmint tabbouleh
  • Spearmint spring rolls
  • Spearmint Virgin Mojito
  • Prawn and pomegranate salad marinated with Spearmint
  • Grated carrots drizzled with Spearmint-infused oil
  • Grilled lamb chops with Spearmint sauce
  • Spearmint and verbena apple jelly
  • Spearmint pesto
  • Spearmint and honey infusion


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