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Prepared with carefully selected aromatic plants, our infused oils are 100% clean label. They will give your dish an intense flavor as close as possible to the fresh plant. Incorporated or sprayed, our infused oils will surprise and delight your customers.



Powerful and intense taste

  • a unique expertise and an innovative process ensures Daregal’s oil retains the true flavour profile of the fresh herbs

100% Natural

  • The infused oils are 100% natural and Clean Label (with no added flavouring)
  • The ingredients allow labeling “sunflower oil, herb”


  • Guarantee full traceability and consistent quality

Easy to use

  • Just few drops can enhance your dishes whether as an ingredient or as a finishing touch



Infused oils can be use for salad dressing or as a finishing touch for salads, meat, poultry, fish or shellfish.



Darégal gamme Flavour'Eaze

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