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The exceptional quality of our herbs, Visual, Scent and Flavour, are the pillars of the Squeeze range. Created from our herbs and from natural ingredients selected for the intensity of their tastes, our ready to use marinades will allow chefs to prepare tasty and economical recipes.


Culinary Innovation

  • Rich in herbs for solutions with increased taste
  • Made from natural ingredients with the freezing technology
  • Wide range to vary your offer and provide recipes rich in flavour and colour

Easy to use

  • Ready to use for simple and easy assembly of your finished dish dosing cap to control the amount of product used
  • Can be used as an ingredient or as a finishing touch
  • Hot and cold uses

Cost effective

  • Cost portion control : dosing cap to control the ammount of product used
  • 1 bottle of “Squeeze Professionnel”


Sauces can be used for sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, poultry, fish, …


Mediterranean : 

  • La Pesto: basil & cheese
  • La Red Pesto: tomato, basil & cheese
  • La Rocket: rocket, cheese & garlic
  • La Rustic: chives & balsamic vinegar
  • La Andalusian: onion & smoked chilli
  • La Basque: parsley, thyme, Espelette pepper & mustard

World cuisines :

  • Indian: cumin & lemongrass
  • Mexican: coriander & Chipotle chilli
  • Nordic: dill & lemon
  • Oriental: coriander & cumin

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