The Chocolate Mint

  • September 2016

A Mint for gourmets

This variety of Peppermint is key to the success and typicity of British after-meal chocolate confectionary, where it is infused in cream. Its refreshing and smoky notes add to the overall harmony of the flavour.


Frozen sensation

Although its name is misleading as it does not possess the characteristic aroma of chocolate, its flavour unmistakenly evokes After-Eightâ, the fresh tones of this Mint will blend wonderfully to the bloom and bitterness of pure dark chocolate. From an aromatic perspective, this Mint’s profile is similar to that of Peppermint, ever slightly more resinous and smokey.



Thyme, the alter ego of Chocolate Mint:

Chocolate Mint can stand up to Thyme. Deftly balanced, it sublimates the Thyme’s aroma by adding freshness to its woody & warm notes.


Flavoursome associations:

  • Dark chocolate fondant with Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Mint ice-creams
  • Pistachio and Chocolate Mint financier
  • Oreo and Chocolate Mint cupcakes
  • Chocolate Mint Carrot Cake
  • Chocolate and Mint Chocolate framboise gateau
  • Soured apricot salad with Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate truffles and Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Mint poached peaches
  • Chocolate brownie with Chocolate Mint whipped cream


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