< Culinary Herb Blends

Selected, grown and harvested ourselves, our culinary herbs are your raw material. We want our factories to be less than an hour away from the fields to ensure our products are frozen immediately. Organoleptic qualities from our fresh culinary herbs are therefore preserved to ensure the + TASTE is restored: look, taste and outstanding balance.

This wide range of flavours will enable chefs to create and offer new flavours and recipes and will startle your consumers.




  • Aesthetic of your dishes with a strong «freshness signature»
  • Authentic and 100% natural
  • Great balance and taste consistency with a certified food safety guaranty.


  • Makes cooking easier.
  • Last minute preparation: products that can be sprinkled straight from frozen
  • Ready-to-use: washed, and cut or sliced
  • Storage: up to 2 years in the freezer
  • Available in a 250g re-sealable pouch


  • Better profit with a constant cost per portion.
  • All year-round supply.



No need to defrost, the IQF frozen culinary herb mixes can be used in all your dishes: ready meals and salads, sauces, marinades etc.



  • Thai recipe: ginger, cinnamon basil, lemongrass, Thai basil, coriander
  • Tartar recipe: onion, pickles, capers and parsley
  • Tzatziki recipe: cucumber, dill, garlic and onion
  • Salad dressing recipe: chives, parsley, shallots, chervil, basil and thyme
  • Creole sauce recipe: chives, onion, garlic and parsley
  • Mussels with white wine recipe: onion, curled parsley and chives
  • Diced peppers: yellow, green and red peppers.
  • Persillade (garlic and parsley) recipe: garlic from Andalusia and parsley


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