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Darégal, a French family run company, have been farmers for 130 years. From generations, they have created unique links with 83 partner farmers who are passionate about their job and committed to contribute towards growing high quality produce.

Proud of their expertise, Darégal only selects the best French soils for a range that is 100% TRUE.


Real Taste

  • Brittany and South-West France are a unique combination of soil and climate making them the best soil for the culture of culinary herbs, which is reflected in its amazing taste profile.
  • Brittany, through its mild weather and draining soil, is perfect to grow flat parsley, chives and shallots.
  • South West France, through its warm climate, regular rainfalls and clay-limestone soil is ideal to grow garlic.

Fertile farmland/rich agricultural resources

  • Authentic produce, well-known and trusted for their geographic origin and their ancient agricultural expertise.
  • A well-known expertise ensuring complete traceability.


  • Shallots from Brittany: 
    Picked in the peak of summer, Shallots from Brittany will highlight your dishes with soft and sweet notes.
  • Flat Parsley from Brittany:
    Picked when mature and finely chopped, Flat Parsley from Brittany will awaken your taste buds with its intensely fresh green notes.
  • Pink Onion from Brittany:
    With its coppery tunic and delicately pinkish flesh, Pink Onion from Brittany offers slightly spicy notes with fruity and subtly sweet flavours.
  • Chives from Brittany:
    With its subtly crunchy “tubes” and its green, fresh and bright notes, Chives from Brittany will enhance your recipes.


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