< Vraiment SAVOUR’EAZE: the Truly Natural Culinary Aid

Darégal is opening the Taste/Flavour Field with their Vraiment SAVOUR’EAZE range, 6 culinary aids, that meet Chefs’ expectations: tasty looks, exceptional flavours, time saving and a stable cost/portion!

These culinary aids are ready-to-use and 100% natural. They can be used hot or cold just before serving: the Chef’s very own personal touch! Unlike most powder or paste products, Darégal’s culinary experts have created Real beautiful ingredients for 100% Real recipes.



100% Natural

  • Smooth texture with Real ingredients that are easy to recognise visually, and through smell and taste.


  • International recipes to meet consumers’ reassurance, diversity and escape expectations.
  • New culinary experiences craved by consumers.


  • Vraiment SAVOUR’EAZE can be used cold or hot.
  • 380g pot will make 120 plates.
  • Defrost in the fridge for 8 hours prior to use.



Vraiment SAVOUR’EAZE, the final touch to boost the taste of all your dishes:

  • Truly Thai: ginger and lemongrass
    Hot, it will complement the subtle flavours of prawns cooked on the plancha and chicken stir fry.
    Cold it will spice up fish carpaccios.

  • Truly Pesto: basil and cheese
    Hot it will spice up pizzas, poultry and pasta.
    Cold, it will dress up salads.

  • Truly Provençale: rosemary and thyme
    Hot, it will highlight flavours from white meat and fish.
    Cold, it will give an exotic touch to your salad dressings.

  • Truly Italian: basil and sundried tomato
    Hot, it will highlight the subtle flavours of white meat and steamed fish.
    Cold, it will bring sunshine to your salads.
  • Truly Chimichurri: smoked chilli and coriander
    Hot, it complements beautifully ribs and beef
    Cold, it will enhance meat tartars.

  • Truly Oriental: coriander and sweet mint
    Hot, it will highlight flavours from lamb and chicken.
    Cold, it will boost carrot salads.



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