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APPETISER: A feast for the eyes too!

You can also gauge a Chef’s talent through their presentation on the plate. It reveals the full art and care which Chefs invest in their recipes. The more attractive a plate looks, the more appetising it is!

Currently very on-trend, coulis are showcased on restaurant menus as elements which add distinction and value.

Starred Chef Kunihisa Goto has paired traditional Soy Sauce, a key ingredient in catering, with culinary herbs typical of Asian cuisine to create tasty and varied combinations. As a coulis, this condiment offers taste diversity and elegant plate decoration.




ADVANTAGES > Soy Sauce Coulis with Culinary Plants


  • Exotic Flavours to satisfy diner expectations in terms of diversity and culinary journeys
  • New taste notes that respond to the trend for Fusion Cuisine


  • Exotic culinary herbs selected from around the world by our agricultural experts and our Herb Sommeliers
  • Inspired by French gastronomy, the Japanese chef puts a new twist on classic soy sauce with this selection of culinary herbs, delivering new taste combinations that are delicious.


  • As a coulis, it works as a genuine tool for personalising plates.
  • Comes in a squeezy bottle fitted with a precision tip.
  • Thaws in 7 hours – Once defrosted, can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
  • Can be stored for up to 2 years in the freezer.


  • Improve your profitability thanks to cost-controlled portions.
  • One 240g bottle can be used to decorate 100 plates.
  • Supply guaranteed throughout the seasons.



RANGE > Soy Sauce Coulis with Culinary Plants

Soy Sauce Coulis Shiso:
This brown/green, slightly acidic coulis reveals the flavour of cumin and herbaceous notes.
Perfect with fish, stir-fried vegetables and white meat.

Soy Sauce Coulis Ginger:
This golden-coloured coulis perfectly reproduces the notes of rose, citrus and pepper that are so characteristic of ginger.

Enhances shellfish, crudités and fish tartare.

Soy Sauce Coulis Kaffir Lime:
This dark brown-coloured coulis displays intense notes of rose and citrus.

Complements fish, carpaccio of meats, and crudités salads.

Soy Sauce Coulis Yuzu:
This slightly acidic coulis evokes notes of citrus fruits and white flowers.

Goes well with fish, carpaccio of meats, and crudités salads.

Soy Sauce Coulis Chilli, Garlic and Ginger:
This caramel-coloured, slightly acidic coulis evokes notes of citrus fruits and white flowers.

Great with grilled meats, pan-fried vegetables and fried foods.



CHEF’S SUGGESTIONS > Soy Sauce Coulis with Culinary Plants

Reaffirming the exotic origins of the recipes


Add a hint of Asia to European dishes


This new range of Soy Sauce Coulis with Culinary Plants complements the broad palette of Cool’Eaze colours and flavours that are already available.



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