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APPETISER: True Explosion of Nature!

The Infusions range is the result of a close collaboration between three-starred Chef Christian Le Squer and Darégal. Contrary to flavoured oils which make up the vast majority of the market, our natural and gentle infusion process retains the full aromatic flavour of the fresh plant

The Infusions range delivers an aromatic and delicious top note for a truly fresh sensation in your cooking. The flavours of our herbs are perfectly reflected in grapeseed oil, which is neutral in taste. This oil is known for being naturally rich in antioxidants (Vitamin E).




ADVANTAGES > Grapeseed Oils Infused with Culinary Herbs


  • Reproduces the full aromatic profile of the fresh field-grown herbs
  • Can be used as a conventional oil, for example to dress salads, meats, fish and vegetables.
  • Can be used as a finishing touch to add an aromatic and delicious Top Note, for a truly fresh sensation in your cooking.

100% Natural

  • Simple and natural ingredient list – just grapeseed oil and herb.
  • No colourings, additives or preservatives.

Good & Healthy

  • Grapeseed oil is the perfect medium for revealing the subtle flavours of culinary herbs. It is known for being naturally rich in antioxidants (Vitamin E).


  • 250ml bottle with a precision tip.
  • Available in the chilled aisle for optimal flavour preservation.
  • Best Before: 6 months.


RANGE > An elegant and healthy range of Oils

Les Infusées – Basil:
The initial classic taste of bergamot and clove gives way to fresh, floral flavours.
Enhances white meat, beef carpaccio, crudités and fruit salads.

Les Infusées – Lemongrass:
The initial acidic citrus taste is refreshed by subtle notes of eucalyptus.
Brings out the flavours of fish, prawns, salads and soups.

Les Infusées – Spanish Garlic:
The distinctive notes of garlic are well-rounded and cooked with a toasted finish.
Complements lamb, meat tartares, simmered vegetables and mushrooms.

Les Infusées – Lemon Thyme:
A blend of delicate citrus notes and white flowers.
Goes with white fish, salmon, white meats and crudités.

Les Infusées – Mint & Rosemary:
A heady herbaceous note gives way to the fresh taste of camphor.
Gives a lift to poultry, pan-fried vegetables, tabbouleh and fruit salads.



This new Herb Infusions range based on Grapeseed oil complements the wide range of Sunflower-based Flavour’Eaze oils.



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